NYHR Bathroom Renovation Tips

Quick & Simple Bathroom Makeover Tricks

Think your bathroom needs a boost but you’re not financially ready for a much needed professional touch? You’re not alone. Bathrooms are one of the rooms most in need of renovation in any home, according to the Home Improvement Research Institute. Homeowners easily spend about $4,900 on home makeovers during the first year of ownership. About 60 percent of them believe that their bathrooms are “deficient.”

But wait, there’s good news! If you need to hold off on hiring a pro to come in for a complete renovation job, there are ways to make over your bathroom to hold you over. To save some money on remodeling costs and without replacing old fixtures try these quick tips:

Give Your Bath A Clean Start

NYHR Bathroom Renovation TipsYou can save on the cost of replacing shabby toilets, sinks or bathtubs with a good scrubbing. Hard-water stains, calcium, rust, built-up soap scum, and lime can dull the look of a bathroom and make it feel older than it truly is.

This may seem extremely simple, but actually makes a world of difference sometimes. Work with a powerful cleaner designed for tough bathroom stains, such as Kaboom Ultra Scrub, to give your bathroom surfaces an instant makeover. The thick cream clings to surfaces and its scrubbing granules get deep down into textured surfaces to remove grime and stains, without scratching delicate surfaces.

Stay on top of your bathroom’s appearance using maintenance products and if you do get a professional renovation, ask for suggestions on which products are best to keep your bathroom looking brand new.

Use A Splash of Color

Paint can help your quick DIY renovations go a long way. Use mildew-resistant, latex paint and add a fresh new color to the bathroom. Be sure to use a bin primer over any water stains or spots before starting the job, and pay careful attention to detailed areas, such as woodwork or trim around mirrors.

Home designers often say the bathroom is a good place to experiment with colors. If your home has more muted tones, consider using bright hues in the bathroom to help make the room seem cleaner and brighter.

Finally, add some decoration to the bathroom to make it seem less stark and more comfortable. You may want to hang some family photos on the wall or a framed picture or two. Just be sure not to make the bathroom appear too cluttered. Remember, if you have limited space, home designers say less is more.


While you prep your home and your budget to choose the best professional to help you renovate your home, you can do small, simple fixes to help.

If you have any further questions or a project you’d like to have some consultation on, please contact us anytime.

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