Cabinets – Explained

Whether it is in your bedroom, your bathroom or your kitchen, cabinets are a good place to store all sorts of things. Despite that, you tend to take them for granted and that is until you need to replace them.

If you need to get new cabinets, whether it is because the old ones broke, or you just felt like a change then you should arm yourself with information before you ever walk into the showroom. Unchecked, the salespeople will direct you towards the most expensive cabinets in the place, and then charge you a whacking great fee for installation as well.

As all cabinets must meet a minimum safety standard to comply with regulations, you don’t need to worry that the ones you choose will fall down. This means that you can pick just about any cabinet that takes your fancy. We would recommend that you go for one made of wood, however, as they tend to be more attractive-looking and longer-lasting than plastic or fake-wood cabinets.

Also, even if you’re really taken with the exterior of a cabinet, don’t forget to look inside. You need to make sure that the shelf arrangement is suitable for what you want to use the cabinet for and ideally, you should get one with customizable shelves so that you can move them around if you ever need to.


When it comes to installation, you can do it yourself, but you may find it to be more time and trouble than it is worth. Unless you’re experienced in DIY, you’re probably better off shopping around to find a professional who will work for a good rate, especially if the cabinet was reasonably expensive or if you break it by trying to put it up yourself, the shop will have no sympathy for you at all, and won’t take it back.

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